How to get a boat license quickly

In the case of a car or motorcycle, the operation of a motorized machine at sea is subject to principles and to obtaining a permit attesting to the identification of the knowledge acquired and the understanding of their driver's abilities. On the water, there are also specificities related to the power of the boats, but also to the distance of navigation from the property. More informations : . Because of that, there is a different boat license. The requirement for all is the minimum age: 16 years. The examination requires that the code be put before the technical and practical part. This code makes it possible to understand and master all the rules at sea, to know the different beacons and the meaning of all the signs.

The coastal permit: more information

As a replacement for your nautical chart since 2008, the coastal licence allows you to navigate up to six miles through a shelter. Navigation must therefore be close to the shore. As for the power of the boats you can control, they can be over 37 kW, or 50 horsepower. You can drive ships at sea, day or night, according to specific rules. For those who do not need to be limited in the power of the boats they can drive, you must pass the offshore license. For seabob rental, no boat license is required. As far as jet skiing is concerned, you will need a coastal permit. Feel free to contact professionals. The latter does not include any restrictions on power, distance or size from a shelter. This means that it is possible to start a world tour without any problems. Note that the coastal licence must pass the offshore licence. Be prepared to update to pass the technical part of the license, which includes understanding how to read maps and calculate your geographical location. For sailors who wish to be satisfied with rivers and canals, the river permit is sufficient. It is limited to inland waters and may take place independently or in parallel with the coastal permit.

Control of navigation at sea

When passing the ship's permit, navigation is controlled by many rules to understand. The skipper is responsible for his actions and his crew. Consequently, it is subject to the Code of Discipline and Penalties of the Merchant Navy, even if it is a pleasure craft. It should be noted that if you are sailing a pleasure craft of 24 metres or less, the mandatory equipment must be on board.

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